We are dedicated to offer services for the glass industry. We are one of the few companies providing a complete service, from the unloading of the raw materials, to the gob.

M-Glass Factory Services has been established in Cuernavaca Mexico, on February 2011, with a highly qualified and very experienced staff with more than 30 years experience. Our Company specializes in providing services to the glass industry and is able to offer a complete service, from the discharge of raw materials up to the gob.

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Our mission is to provide quality service for the glass industry, based on our experience of over 30 years in the construction, repair and operation of glass melting furnaces and plants for raw materials.

To offer our clients solutions from the raw material discharge up to the drop.

Assure the customers that they can take care of their daily operational matters while we will solve all repairs and furnace construction matters.

The companies we represent are able to offer material, equipment and refractories for furnaces, batch plants and cullet plants, temperature sensors, annealing plants, burners, measuring and control equipment for furnaces, furnace drain and heat up.



Establish ourselves as leader in service and technical assistance for the glass industry in the short term, relaying on technological tools and trained personnel in order to provide an excellent, qualified and trustworthy service to our customers.



Honesty, trust, sincerity, professionalism, commitment, service and innovation.

Our main aim is to create a climate of trust and confidence between us and the customers based upon professionalism, innovation, honesty, sincerity and commitment. Putting on every job passion for glass.

We value our customers highly and want to give them the comfort of knowing that they are in safe (good) hands.


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