Our refractory business began when AGC Ceramics started producing refractories for the glass production in 1916. Since then, we have been engaged in development and manufacturing of high quality refractories, including fused cast, bonded and monolithic for nearly 100 years.

AGC Ceramics is well known worldwide as a leading supplier of fused cast refractories, which have high resistance against corrosion by molten glass and excellent minimal contamination character. Due to these properties, ZB-X950 series refractories are well suited to the furnace for high quality glass. Now in addition to ZB-X9510, we offer ZB-X9540, which have unique features as high electrical resistivity.

A Century working with Glass

For almost a century, AGC Ceramics has cultivated technologies including production/development of ceramics products for glass melting furnaces, evaluation, quality guarantee and a range of technologies in relation to glass melting furnaces. By integrating these technologies to offer a wide-range of solutions, we aim to minimize the life- cycle cost of glass melting furnaces and increase customers’ satisfaction.